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  • Laser Cut, Side Cut, Transponder: Types of Car Keys

    Laser Cut: Laser Cut keys, also known as sidewinder or high-security keys, are becoming the new standard of automobiles. They can be easily identified as keys that have the centers or an upper layer of a side cut out. They are often used in conjunction with transponder keys and provide high levels of security and pick resistance. Because of this they also tend to be among the higher-priced keys. [...]

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    How Does a Lock Work?

    The most common kind of lock and the one a lot of you have heard of is the pin and tumbler lock.  The pins within a lock prevent it from turning when the correct key isn't present.  When the correct key is slid into the lock, the cuts on the key move all the pins into exactly the correct place, and when this happens there is nothing to hold that lock from turning.  A key has to be [...]

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