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  • Laser Cut, Side Cut, Transponder: Types of Car Keys

    March 13, 2019 | Blog | David
  • Laser Cut: Laser Cut keys, also known as sidewinder or high-security keys, are becoming the new standard of automobiles. They can be easily identified as keys that have the centers or an upper layer of a side cut out. They are often used in conjunction with transponder keys and provide high levels of security and pick resistance. Because of this they also tend to be among the higher-priced keys. Call regarding any questions.

    Standard Single or Double Sided Key: These keys are your average side cut car keys that have been the standard since the invention of cars. They are sometimes paired with transponders to increase security. Due to the general simplicity of them, they tend to be among lower-priced keys.

    Transponder: Known also by the names of chip keys, immobilizer keys, or programmable keys. They contain a microchip, usually in the head of the key, that transmits a radio signal to the car which allows it to be started. These are also used in remotes or can be an all-in-one key and remote. Transponder keys must be specially programmed based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle to your car alone, which can sometimes make them hard to duplicate or originate.

    VATS: A Vehicle Anti-Theft Key is a type of key that usually contains a resistor chip on the key blade itself. The car sends electricity through the chip and if it receives the correct amount on the other side will allow the car to start. Some of these keys have faired well through time and weathering, while many others haven't. It can be hard to diagnose the specific key needed as well as locate a replacement, so replacement tends to be tougher with these.

    Smart Key: A smart key is much like a transponder key, but can have many more intricacies involved. Like a transponder key, a car will require a specific signal from the smart key in order to start. On top of this, the smart keys can also be proximity keys that can auto-unlocks cars, remote start the vehicle, etc. Due to the intricacy of them and how new they are, they tend to be a bit higher on the price scale.

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